We remain 'OPEN' for business during Covid-19.
We are open

Covid-19 Details

Yes, that is correct. We are open for business (pretty much) as normal during the outbreak. After a lot of to and fro and searching around like there’s no tomorrow on the .gov website it has become pretty clear as day that not only do the government permit us to keep working during the outbreak but expect us to do so.

We work outside and alone carrying out a job that cannot be done from home. We can very easily maintain 2 meters apart from anyone else and don’t require any social contact whatsoever with the public nor our clients. Therefore, we really pose no more risk than someone walking their dog or going out for their daily exercise.

For those that require it, we can even spray your property with a disinfectant once we finish. This is the same disinfectant that is used to sanitize shopping trolleys and public spaces right now so arguably, your property will be left much safer from the corona virus following our visit than it would have been had it have been left untouched.

Therefore, we are OPEN!

All we ask is that we try to keep the social contact to a minimum. Whereas usually we would give you a knock, shake hands and have a quick chat before starting work we kindly ask that you stay inside during the outbreak. We won’t knock for a chat as we normally would, instead a simple wave through the window will suffice. If we really need to speak to you then we can phone from outside and speak to you that way to avoid having to open the doors and windows.

Many customers like to offer us cups of tea throughout the day and and whilst under usual circumstances we would welcome this with a big smile we would have to decline for the time being. Don’t worry about us, we bring plenty of food and drink with us. We aren’t being rude and won’t think that you are either by not offering, we’re all just doing out bit.

In addition, all door handles and taps that are touched during the cleaning can be wiped clean with disinfectant before leaving your property so everything will be left clean and germ free. For those that require it, we can even treat the paving too with the same sanitation products. Please ask for more details.

Quotations can be measured up and posted through the letterbox or emailed and a phone call can explain the in’s and out’s rather than face to face. Occasionally, we can provide a quotation from some pictures and google street view however not always but where we can, we will do.

Please don’t think that we are being rude and unsociable but taking these measures, we are just trying to remain open ‘business as usual’ whilst still doing our bit in keeping the nation safe.

We remain 'OPEN' for business during Covid-19.